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01 May, 2023


Ya’ll know how I’m on and off some type of diet all the time. But now I’m on this new 90-day weight loss journey drinking...

Ya’ll know how I’m on and off some type of diet all the time. But now I’m on this new 90-day weight loss journey drinking Dr. Ming and I’m beyond excited!

The best part about it is that I’m literally gonna lose weight by drinking tea likeee hello? Are you kidding me! Who knew it was that easy!

On top of that it helps with bloating. So, if you’re like me and struggle with constant bloating, especially bloating after eating, this tea is for you.

You drink it 3 times a day and boom. You lose weight.

So let’s talk about some of the ingredients

The Slimming Green Tea has:

  • Green Tea: speeds up metabolism
  • Uva Ursi: detoxifies the body
  • Senna: reduces bloating
  • Peppermint: improves digestion

Now, let’s talk about the Pineapple Detox Tea

  • Rose Hips: helps fight skin aging and boosts weight loss
  • Senna Leaf: works as a natural laxative, anti-bloating
  • Orange Peel: increases metabolism and energy
  • Pineapple Diced: anti-inflammatory and improves digestion

Last but not least the Sleeptox Tea!

  • Chamomile: helps you relax
  • Peppermint: detoxes the body
  • Licorice Root: help with digestion problems
  • Lemon Balm: relieves stress and anxiety
  • Lavender: improves sleep

They’re all organic, all natural ingredients and sugar free too so that’s a win win!

Alright let’s get to the real deal though. This is by far the best tea for weight loss. 14 days in and I’ve already lost some sizes of my waist, hips and bust!


Fast forward 30 days and when you see my before and after pictures you’re gonna run and go get this tea. Cause this tea is the key on how to have more energy, reduce constant bloating, and help with weight loss.

There’s a huge difference in my bloat, my energy levels, my skin

But for a second here let’s talk about detoxifying the body and I’m gonna give you the real’re gonna go to the bathroom, but you need to go to detoxify your body...right?

At the end of the day these teas are natural ways to lose weight and if you’re not going to the bathroom then...that’s the problem!

Moving on though lol, all that bloating I had on me...girl I’m regular now I feel like now I’m at the point in the tea where I’m not even as hungry anymore it suppresses my appetite now. Before I would snack all day and just wanna eat because I’m bored but now, I have no need and I can definitely tell a difference.


Can ya’ll believe this cause I can’t! 45 day results from tea? Yea.

So basically, what I do is drink

  • 1 Slimming Green Teas in the morning
  • 2 Slimming Green Teas in the afternoon
  • 1 Pineapple Detox Tea in the evening
  • 1 Sleeptox Tea at night

And it’s super easy to make too just

On top of that let me just point out my sleep

For my last words here can I get a drum roll please? Cause damn these results are so good.


I can honestly say that I’m a whole new person. I feel rejuvenated, I’m not longer bloated, I don’t have brain fog like I used to.

Before I felt really sluggish I was laying around and tired a lot
But during this journey my energy levels have been climbing up, I just wanna get out and do more things I’m not tired, I don’t wanna nap and I look amazing!

This 90-day journey has really done it for me
I’ve lost a total of 17 pounds and all I’m doing is drinking tea

Every day I will do a little bit of light exercise but that’s it!


And not to keep bragging but I wanna give a little cherry on top and show how I looked when I first drank Dr. Ming vs Now 90 days later

DAY 1:

DAY 90:

So yeah. This tea WORKS and it works good. I look great, feel great, and I couldn’t be happier. At the end of the day it’s just TEA!

Get it. Slim down. Lose weight now.

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