90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

The hidden benefits in Dr. Ming

The hidden benefits in  Dr. Ming

Believe it or not losing weight isn't as hard as you think. There are endless ways to make it fun, so let's dive into it.

What if we told you that there's a tea that can help you lose weight, stops craving for sugar, and relieves anxiety symptoms.

Introducing: the healthy choice of losing weight

3 words. 8 letters. Dr. Ming Tea

Dr. Ming gives you the perfect combination of detox tea benefits and green tea benefits combined into one. It's a natural combination of Green Tea, Senna, Peppermint, and Citrus Sinesis gives you a rich flavor + endless slimming benefit.

& for all our ladies who suffer with inflammation, this is a tea that helps with bloating too!



Bet you didn't know that what you drink also affect how much weight you lose. Those liquid calories can easily keep you from losing those extra pounds as fast as you want or even keep you from losing them at all.

With our zero-calorie green tea you can stop worrying about those hindering liquid calories once and for all. But is its zero-calorie property the only thing it's got going for it? No!

Green tea also contains caffeine and an antioxidant called catechin. Research suggests that both of these compounds can speed up metabolism. Catechin can help to break down excess fat, while both catechin and caffeine can increase the amount of energy the body uses (aka, burn more calories)


Why do we bloat? It isn't always because of a specific food we eat, sometimes (most times) it's because of our gut health in general which can hinder our body's capacity to optimally digest and absorb nutrients.

Our green tea blend stimulates digestive tract movement and acts as a natural laxative to reduce bloating and promote better gut health. Which in turn will reduce overall bloat issues.

But why? Because our green tea contains caffeine (way less than a cup of coffee), a compound that promotes movement in your digestive tract and acts as a natural laxative to support regularity. And so, less to no bloat!


Not only is having good digestion going to keep you from bloating, it can also help you improve your mood, boost energy, reduce brain fog and even help you sleep better. As they say, our gut is our second brain.

With our green tea you are guaranteed a natural blend that has been proven to aid in digestion and sooth upset stomachs. If taken regularly it can help your body break down food more effectively and in turn improve your gut's nutrient absorption process.

But why is green tea good for your gut? Because of polyphenols, digestive compounds found in the tea plant, that help the body improve its digestive process. No wonder green tea is so famous in the fitness industry!


Anxiety can lead us to impulse snacking and surrendering to our cravings, which can also hinder our weight loss journey and if we don't keep them under control. One can end up gaining more weight rather than losing it, mainly because of the type of foods we usually crave.

Dr. Ming's green tea blend works as an appetite suppressant that helps keep those anxiety induced cravings under control for such a period of time that you end up forgetting about wanting to stuff your face.

But what makes our green tea great for keeping cravings under control? It's the fact that it contains Theanine which helps you relax and reduce stress a compound called epigallocatechin (EGCG) that helps boost your metabolic rate and helps beat the want for food.


Coffee just doesn't cut it these days. It's too much sacrifice for the low energy benefits it gives. Why a sacrifice you might ask? Because coffee is loaded with caffeine, which we don't process as fast as we take it, and we end up overloading our system with this substance.

Many of our customers have reported having more energy and being much more productive when they drink our green tea, compared with coffee. And they're always socked when we tell them it has less caffeine than coffee.

Our green tea contains less caffeine than coffee but enough to produce an effect. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which works well with caffeine to improve brain function. Thus improving our mood, energy levels and boosting our willingness to do physical and mental activities.


  • Have 1-2 pouches every meal
  • Don't be scared to have both! The pineapple one is delish too!
  • Make it fun! Make it iced or hot, combine with any fruits and honey for some extra flavor

Convinced yet? This tea works WONDERS! Get yours hands on it now

If you're looking for something extra, learn more about us through our Dr.Ming slimming tea reviews here


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